Saturday, April 10, 2010

NK Nail Enamel: Sugar Candy

I tweeted about being in the mood for long nails on Friday, so this weekend I'm wearing fake nails. I love options! The next decision to make was what color to polish them. I originally decided on a teal color and then did one coat. By the second coat I had decided it was too much for my longer nails. Have I already became accustomed to boring work place colors already? Nooooo!! Well, here's the polish I settled on:

 4 coats + Orly Sec n Dry topcoat

The shade is so 90s! It reminds me of when I was younger and a polish named Cotton Candy was all the rage. I wore only that nail polish for one summer straight. Ah, memories.

NK polish is not a well known brand, but I have spotted it in several (non-chain) beauty stores. Usually these cost $1. I found their website and a it shows they have a good color range, with some pretty interesting shades. If you can find these, I would grab one (or two). If you're interested in this color but cant find it, you're in luck because this might also be a dupe for China Glaze Rainbow spotted on Bella in the City. I don't have Rainbow to compare, but looking at the pictures they look very similar.

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