Monday, August 30, 2010

Sally Hansen Purple Gala + Gel Nail Update

 Yes, you read that right. I'm back with the gel nails after yesterdays Gel Nail Fail! I definitely wanted to try them out again, so I did them over. This time I applied the gel to my natural nails, without the fake tips. The process went much smoother and I'm happy with the results. My nails feel hard...I tweeted earlier that they felt indestructible! I'd better not speak too soon. The reason I did this was because I googled "gel overlay for natural nails" and found a whole lot of information on blogs, forums and You Tube about how people did gel overlays on their natural nails to help them retain length and prevent breaking. I have been frustrated with my nails as of late because of those exact same problems! The game plan is to let my natural nails grow out and fill in the gel. Once I feel like the gel is getting too thick or needs to be changed, then I will soak it off. Oh, that reminds me! Soaking my first set of gel nails off was easier than any acrylic removal I've ever done! It was definitely was faster. 

 So here are my nails with the gel overlays...which you obviously cant see because I just got a new Sally Hansen polish at Ulta this weekend that I want to show you. Purple Gala looks like it could have fit right in China Glaze's Vintage Vixen collection in my opinion. Its a gorgeous smoky purple with gold and silver glitter. I have pictures of it in the sun and one shade picture.

I love the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line...they offer a lot of great polishes at great price. I think this may be Limited Edition, so if you want it I would look for a special display in drugstores, Ulta, etc.

♥ Lachelle

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gel Nail Fail

As soon as I finish typing this post, I will probably be soaking my nails in acetone. Sigh. I want to love gel nails, I really do. I wont be giving up on them, but I am about to show you my first attempt at gel nails. Just be warned...its horrific.

I picked up the Broadway Brush on Gel Nail kit for about $10 after much googling and You Tube review watching. After trying to do my own acrylics, brush on gel nails seemed so easy my little 5 year old cousin could do it. 

Well truthfully, it is easy. First you put on the nail tips, they are numbered sizes and have tabs so that makes it a little easier. Then your brush on the gel, brush on the gel activator and repeat, making sure to dip the brush in the brush cleaner each time you do a nail.

I wanted short nails so I put the nail tips a little further back on my nails instead of closer to the edge. Big mistake! The fake nails were obvious because they looked a little, well for lack of a better adjective, lumpy. Even under three coats of gel. You could definitely tell where the fake tips were because my nails were not smooth like the picture. Another thing I didn't like was the drying time. On the box it says they dry fast. Umm, no. I painted the my nails after 45 minutes with two coats of Sally Hansen Virtual Violet and topped with Seche Vite. I still woke up with sheet marks. What gives?

I still really want to try gel nails, but the next time I do them, I will do them without the fake tips. It will be more like a gel overlay. I've heard/read this helps protect your nails while they grow underneath. Then you just fill them in. I'm really tired of my nails chipping/breaking/peeling. They haven't been at a length I like in a long time. Well I'm looking forward to seeing what the removal process will be like. I've read that gel nails soak off faster than acrylic. Lets hope so!

♥ Lachelle

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CND Stickey...what took me so long?

CND Stickey has made me a believer. I really don't know what took me so long to try this base coat, but I got a bottle last week and I think it just may be my favorite basecoat EVER. My beloved Essie Lilacism manicure stayed on for 4 days chip free, with minimal tip wear. The only reason I didnt wear it longer is because on Saturday I did my cousins nails for school and in the process messed my own nails up. Other than that, I was really going to see how long it would last. The next time I get a polish that I absolutely LOVE like Lilacism, I'm going to do a wear test with a CND Stickey sandwich!

On the other hand, I also picked up Speedy...which is allegedly a fast drying topcoat. I had a dent in my nails after 10 mins. Yeah, that's unacceptable to me. My favorite topcoat Seche Vite=1, Speedy=0. I dont even know why I try other topcoats. I guess I just want confirmation that Seche is my favorite topcoat compared to anything else I try. I gave Speedy away. I cant with you Speedy. 

♥ Lachelle

Monday, August 23, 2010

Essie Lilacism

 Well, I may be tardy to the party (haha, thanks Kim Zolciak ) but I finally got my hands on Essie Lilacism from Essie's 2010 Art of Spring collection! Oh I had been wanting this pastel lilac purple since the moment I saw it but I couldn't get it. Being a unemployed undergrad will do that do you. Well fast forward in time...last week I made a quick trip to the mall after work to use one of those free panty cards from Victorias Secret. (Hope that wasn't too much TMI!) Before leaving, I decided that I needed to pick up the preview lotion of Bath and Body Work's latest, Dark Kiss. Boy, do I love that stuff, I cant wait until it comes out on August 30th! So I decided to check out Trade Secret before I left. Let me tell you, it was like a dream walking into that store because that location happens to be closing. Sad for them, but great for me because everything in the store was 50% off! Unfortunately, I wish I had caught the clearance earlier because as far as nail stuff goes, they only had a ton of light pink OPIs and random red and pink Essies. While scouring the racks to see if I could find any hidden treasures, I found Lilacism! Be still my heart! Yeah, it was that crucial. :-)

So here it is in all its lilac glory:

I wore this for 4 days straight. Yup, it must be love.

♥ Lachelle

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sinful Colors Walgreens Sale

This week Walgreens has Sinful Colors on sale for 99 cents with an in ad coupon, which you can easily find because their sale papers are at the front of the store. I picked up two colors that interested me on the way home from work. Sinful Colors has a lot of boring polishes that you'd expect but there are some sleeper hits. I hope Nail Junkie (glitter) paired with Love Nails is a winning combination!

♥ Lachelle

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

China Glaze Vintage Vixen-Part Three

The last and final installment of my China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection post brings you the polishes that I raised an eyebrow at. I'll tell you what I think and then you be the judge...

Classic Camel, a khaki creme with gold micro glitter. Hmmm. I'm not sure what skintone this color would look best on. I just know there's someone out there who likes, maybe even loves this color. But that girl isn't me.

Grey Puopon anyone?

Goin' My Way is brown frost with copper shimmer. Unlike Classic Camel, I do like this color, but I think it blends right in with my brown skin for a boring, unnoticeable manicure.

Foxy is a burgundy frost with golden shimmer. Foxy feels a little mature to me...

Bogie. Plum frost. This one actually looks the most like a "frost" out of the whole collection. I like it by default because its purple! But the name? I have no idea about what it means.

So there we have it, the China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection in its entirety. For the most part, I like this collection. My favorites are Midnight Mission, First Class Ticket, Swing Baby, Emerald Fitzgerald, Jitterbug & Bogie. Application was very easy, because I find most creme polishes are easier to apply, but that may just be me.

What do you think about CG's Vintage Vixen collection? Own any already?

♥ Lachelle

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

China Glaze Vintage Vixen-Part Two

 Well its been a week since I took you back in time for China Glaze's Vintage Vixen Part One, but its been a busy week for me in real life. Now I have Part Two for you and I don't think these colors disappoint. Not to waste anymore time, lets get right to it!

First up, Emerald Fitzgerald. Sparkly green frost and enabler to my current fling with green nail polishes. Its very gorgeous.

 In my personal opinion, it takes a lot for a "greige" polish to stand out to me because I don't believe its a color that flatters my skin tone. However, Ingrid fits the bill with the copper glitter being enough to make me appreciate it it.

Riveter Rouge is a bold, saucy red. I'm not partial to red polishes, but this one makes me want to dare anyone to say anything about it. Its a tough little red, but the dazzling shimmer in it lets you know it has a soft side.

Midnight Mission is a navy blue with silver shimmer. Perfect name for this color because this color evokes images of dark, starry nights. Yeah I went there...but no its not a dupe for the infamous Essie.

One more part of Vintage Vixen polishes to go...

♥ Lachelle

This post contains a product sent for review by the company or PR firm. For more information about my disclosure policy, please read this post.


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