Friday, June 5, 2009

LA Colors Atomic

Outdoor + No Flash (above)
Indoors + Flash

Now, this is the green I need in my life. This is everything I wanted my first green polish to be but wasn't with Form One Lime ( I knew I should have followed my instinct and gotten a creme instead of shimmer). I fell in love with this one on the shelf and I knew I had to have it. It even made me feel better about my new short nails. Oh yeah, as evident in the pictures, I have short nails now and it isn't even my fault! I was helping to fix a mistake of my coworker's (she knows who she is, grrr) and I broke my left index fingernail. I was really upset! Just because I felt like they were at a length I liked. So instead of having one silly looking nail, I had to cut them all. So back to square one. However, I told my coworker that there will be revenge. And it will be epic. Then I told her that she did it just because she wanted my hands to look like sawed off mitts like hers. Oops. That was mean. I guess we're even now?

Anyway, back to this polish. It went on smooth and this is two coats + Seche Vite. I also wanted to use my new nail art polish and I did a design on my middle finger on both hands. It was late at night and I knew I had to get to sleep, but I wanted to do something to this manicure.

Happy Friday everybody :-),


  1. oooohhh - I like this one. It looks great on your new shorties. The co-worker could always make it up to you by getting you a new bottle of polish! lol

  2. Thanks Brooke! I dont think she would get me a new bottle of polish, shes too lazy. Oh well, its water under the bridge.

  3. I think your new length looks fantastic. Especially with this polish. Really like it.



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