Thursday, June 11, 2009

LA Colors Phenomena

I went here before with Essie Pool Boy. That is a color similar to this one and I hated it so much on me that I mailed to my mother. When she got it, the bottle had broken :-( but the OPI Mod-ren girl that was in the same package was okay.
This is two coats + Zoya Armor. It's too berry-ish for me. Almost too close to red. And red makes me feel some kind of way. :-( Since it was only a dollar, I don't feel too bad about it. Maybe I can put it on my toes or mail it to my mother to replace her never was bottle of Essie Pool Boy.


  1. You suffer from red-ophobia! lol. Actually, I think you do better with a warmer toned color, not a blue-toned red/pink. It is still a pretty color, though.

  2. Dee: Haha, I think I pinpointed the source. There was a scary piano lady that used to go to my church and one day I saw here at the grocery store and her nails were pained a deep,dark red. I said to myself, I'll never paint my nails red. I guess I associate them with her. lol

  3. love the nails! awesome color choice!

  4. That's too funny about the piano lady. I have almost the same color on. I just did mine the same day as yours.



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