Thursday, June 18, 2009

My First Dupes?

L to R: Pinky and Middle finger: OPI Eiffel for this Color, Ring and Index finger: Nicole Show You Care

While going through my polish to find something to wear for today, I came across an old favorite, OPI Eiffel for This Color. I picked it but only to have Nicole Show You Care catch my eye. I held both of them up and I figured they must be dupes. I mean it's possible since OPI makes Nicole polishes and everyone knows that Eiffel for This Color is a Lincoln Park after Dark dupe. Meanwhile, while I'm comparing polishes, my boyfriend is looking at me shaking his head. "They're both the same color!" He thinks its funny because I finally have enough polish in my collection to have a dupe. However, I see a subtle difference though. EFTC is a slightly more blackened purple than Show You Care. I think this would be more evident in a picture without flash or outside but I didn't have time to do that. For my NOTD I ended up picking Show You Care because my bottle of EFTC is getting very low and it doesn't apply as smoothly anymore. Also, a difference between the two polishes that has nothing to do with the color is the brushes. I don't know why Nicole doesn't have those awesome Pro-Wide brushes like OPI.

Oh well, I don't mind having a dupe of this gorgeous color. It was my first OPI and possibly my favorite vampy polish of all time.


  1. Those certainly are very close, both pretty though! I think many people may see tham as dupes, but those of us who 'collect' polish can always see the tiniest difference...so we need them all :)

  2. Haha, thats true. I dont thin I could "do" without both of them in my collection. :-) Thanks!

  3. Oh, wow! Never noticed.. Love the colors though!

  4. Yeeep, they look just alike. :) Dupes drive me nuts b/c I'm a neat freak and too many of any thing makes me go insane. So I usually give my dupes away.

  5. Mary is totally right. I hate when that happens. But, if it's a color I use alot it's sorta okay. Looks pretty on you. Boyfriends just don't understand.



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