Monday, December 21, 2009

Sinful Frenzy + OPI Blue My Mind

I'll admit, I've never been big on layering polish, especially glitter polishes. I'm like either the polish has it or it doesn't. However,lately I've been picking up some Sinful glitters that make me think otherwise. Frenzy is gorgeous all by itself:

I decided to layer it over one of my favorite blue polishes ever, OPI's Blue My Mind and I was pleased with the results.

Under my lamp + flash

Indoor + flash

With this manicure, I tried Posh Super Fast Drying Topcoat for the first time. I'd always wanted to try it but I had a bottle of Seche Vite and I had no need to get it. Finally, my SV has gotten impossibly low (and thick) so I decided to try Poshe. It dries just as quickly as SV and very glossy. It also smoothed this glitter polish so my manicure was very smooth to the touch. I have no complaints...I'm just glad that topcoats like Seche Vite and Poshe exist because I cant wait forever for my nails to dry. I don't know how I polished before without them!


  1. oh my god!!
    hi!! i've got the same sinfulcolor's polish and guess what? I put it on a blue nail polish. it's what i have today on my nails!!!




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