Monday, December 14, 2009

Sinful Pinky Glitter + Orly Passion Fruit

I bought four Sinful polishes because they were BOGO free this weekend! Unfortunately they are no longer having this sale, but they are always at my local stores 2 for $3. Here is the first one I tried out, Pinky Glitter, on top of Orly Passion Fruit. This is only one coat of Pinky Glitter so the glitter is kind of subtle.

With Orly Passion Fruit:

In other news, I've ordered my first Sephora by OPI polish! I cant wait until it gets here to show you guys. Plus I have 3 samples waiting on me in that order + a YSL mascara sample! I'm really starting to like that store and that is only my first Sephora order...can you believe it?


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  2. Nice! I love hot pink nails.. plus it has glitters! pretty....



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