Sunday, February 14, 2010

Random Polishes in a Pretty Box!

These polishes have no name, really no brand but you know what? I'm a sucker for cute packaging! Plus, I immediately liked the peach, yellow and purple so I took it home with me. Lets see if the polishes were worth it. 

When I got home, I thought I had dupes for the purple and blue already in my collection. See:

I dont know if you can tell in this picture, but the new shades are slightly lighter than the Sally Hansen Blue Me Away and Zoya Malia.

So we have some winners in the bunch and some losers. First off, the brushes in these polishes are definelty LOSERS! They were wild and bushy and when I went back over my polish, it kept taking it off in spots. I hate that about these otherwise good colors. Drying time was fast, so complaints on that one. Lets see the winners!

*The Good*

Dark pink

Light Pink

*The Not So Good*

Blue: This would have been a good polish except for the fine black particles dispersed through this polish. No, I don't think it was intentional.

Light purple: What is with the streaking? Do you see that discoloration? 

*The Bad & The Ugly*
Should I even show you this polish? Its that terrible. But on my behalf, those brushes were wide and out of control. I could not stop this from pooling around my cuticles and getting onto my skin. So here it is folks, the worst yellow swatch you've ever seen. 
Yellow: *Cringes* This hurts my eyes. I love the color, but the brush really messed it up for me. I'm thinking about using another brush or emptying this into another bottle just because I want to try and get some use out of it.

So there, you have it. What happens when you try nail polishes from God knows where. At least some of them are salvageable.

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