Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Taupe Polish: Hit or Miss?

It doesnt matter if youre a polish addict, style watcher, trendsetter or whatever you proclaim yourself to be, you've probably seen this (or hopeful dupes) popping up on nails everywhere:

Now when I first saw this polish, I said to myself, "Eh, looks like dirt." Seriously. Taupe is not the first color family I run to when shopping for nail polish. However, despite my reservations for this color, its been flying off the shelves, seen on red carpets and runways and is now trickling down to the masses.

For what its worth, I decided to try the taupe trend. No, I didnt pick up this Chanel polish, so sorry to disappoint you if you were looking for yet another swatch of that color. I picked up its cheap, older sister that was obviously before her time, Maybelline Touch of Taupe. I found this at Dollar Tree! Obviously, I was not about to plunk down the cash for a trend I was just wanting to try for kicks.

 This picture (above) is indoors + flash. It looks really light here.

I think this is a more color accurate representation of how it really looks in most indoor lighting situations.

So what do I think about taupe polishes after trying one? I think its a huge MISS! I don't like this trend at all because I really hate this color against my skin tone. This chica is brown enough, I don't need brown nails! Now if this is your thing, by all means, feel free to taupe it up! But me? I wont be following this trend.

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  1. You know, I'm not very big on the mannequin hands trend, but I'll admit that there are taupe polishes out there that I love. What I don't like is that washed out look, but this polish that you're displaying is far from that and is gorgeous. So hit or miss... I'll have to say hit. I really am a fan of this color. Reminds me of OPI YDKJ.

  2. cut myself off, lol. But it's a little lighter, but I actually like it.

  3. I actually love the taupe trend, something I didn't think I would at first. I find it edgy, yet chic looking at the same time. I think Touch of Taupe looks great on you!

  4. I absolutely adore taupes and muddy dusty colours in general.
    I do get what you mean though, most taupes might not look so good on darker skin but there are a couple out there that will work!

  5. I'm with you, mama. I don't like taupe as a color and I certainly don't like it as a polish on warmer skin tone. Yucky! The only brown polish that looks good on brown skin comes from Nubar's Chocolate Truffles. Now I can get down with those.

  6. Looks too dull for me... The color is not fun and not attractive at all

  7. I love the taupe trend too, chic, work appropriate but not dull. But you're right that it's probaly a skin-tone thing. Of course you get to rock a lot of hot colours that I can't go near!

  8. I like taupe polishes on other people, I can't imagine them ever working on me.

    That being said, I think it's really a matter of the particular shade - some shades of taupe polish are just downright disgusting D:

  9. i do like taupes actually, and right now I'm wearing You Don't Know Jacques by OPI with CG Matte on top. It looks pretty cool. But you know what? I don't like mint nail varnishes, and I even bought two before I figured that out. Go figure.

  10. I actually have the Maybelline Touch of Taupe nail polish and prefer it over Chanel Particuliere.. The Chanel is actually downright muddy but Touch of Taupe looks very different on me. Perhaps because I'm quite pale? it's actually a taupe grey..much more grey than brown on my hands. Amazing find on my end for the buck it cost me I'm actually about to buy a 2nd bottle. It's a lot better than the OPI taupes I've tried which do often seem a tad dirt-like.

  11. Hi! I think this trend doesn't compliments all skin tones but I find it classy in some way...

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  12. I always wondered what this would look like with darker skin. I love it! Next time I find a Maybelline sale in my area, I'm picking this up!



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