Tuesday, May 4, 2010

China Glaze Recycle

Thanks to the contest on the fabulous Bright Lights Big Color  blog I am the proud new owner of two wonderful China Glaze polishes. The one I'm showing today is China Glaze Recycle, an oldie but a goodie. Before I got into nail polish like I am now, I never would have entertained the thought of a gray nail polish. Now, I will accept a gray polish with open arms!

Recycle is a medium gray creme from the China Glaze Spring 2008 Ecollection, which by the way gave us the beautiful blue Shower Together and the gorgeous spring green Tree Hugger.

On to the pictures!

Shown here are two coats of Recycle + Seche Vite. These pictures were taken in about day 3 of the manicure, but the polish is holding up well. What can I say that CG that hasnt already been said? Application was a breeze, the polish flowed onto the nail like butter, dried quickly and is holding up nicely. While this polish is nothing new, I am glad to be able to add it to my collection!

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