Monday, May 16, 2011

Barielle Coalest Day of the Year

Somehow, in over two years of polishing my nails, I have yet to try a Barielle nail polish until now. I have one of their nail treatments which I love, so I'm setting the bar kind of high for the nail polish.

Coalest Day of the Year is from Barielle's Winter 2010 Holiday Hustle collection. Odd choice for the middle of the summer, but lets have a look...

Charcoal gray shimmer that has flashes of green...in the bottle, its really pretty.

No problems with application, went on smoothly and the brush wasn't wonky. Its that all I ask anyway? Barielle, we may become friends. Especially since I can find you at Ulta...

PS...I love the name of this polish. 

♥ Lachelle


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