Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cina Nail Art Pen Manicure

 After renewing my Sally Beauty Club card, I had a 5 dollar gift certificate to use in store, so I decided to pick up a Cina nail art pen. Mainly, I wanted to try doing a leopard manicure and I wanted the precision of using a pen versus a skinny nail brush, like on my Art Deco nail art polishes.

Shake pen and depress nib to freshen the nib with nail polish before each use.

 Nib? Who decided to call it that? What about tip? Okay...anyway.

Basically its like a marker with nail polish in it! Awesome concept, bad execution. Like a cheap dollar store maker, it seemed to dry up and run out of polish, even after shaking it several times. Fail. Especially since this was my FIRST time using it. I tried shaking it and waiting a bit between each nail, but I was still not able to complete a whole design without the design fading or starting to get lighter.

Here's the finished product:


Cina, see you later! If I want to use this again, I'll probably have to let it rest for a day or two. But even then I'm not so sure this has what it takes to complete my nail art designs.

♥ Lachelle

Monday, May 16, 2011

Barielle Coalest Day of the Year

Somehow, in over two years of polishing my nails, I have yet to try a Barielle nail polish until now. I have one of their nail treatments which I love, so I'm setting the bar kind of high for the nail polish.

Coalest Day of the Year is from Barielle's Winter 2010 Holiday Hustle collection. Odd choice for the middle of the summer, but lets have a look...

Charcoal gray shimmer that has flashes of green...in the bottle, its really pretty.

No problems with application, went on smoothly and the brush wasn't wonky. Its that all I ask anyway? Barielle, we may become friends. Especially since I can find you at Ulta...

PS...I love the name of this polish. 

♥ Lachelle

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat: Cherry Smash

Remember I told you Sally Hansen was coming out with some Crackle polishes, hitting stores in June? Well I have one of the shades to show you! Introducing...Cherry Smash.


I dont have a red crackle polish yet, so I didnt know what to layer it over. When in doubt, you can always do skittle nails!  Here it is over Orly Shine, Sally Hansen Black Out and Ruby Kisses French White. L to R.

Cherry Smash has a thin consistency, as do most crackle polishes I've tried. However, this polish seems to be even thinner than my CG crackles, which is not necessarily a bad thing to me. I had to get the hang of applying crackles, because if you put on a thick coat, it wont crackle right. The thin consistency of Cherry Smash helped me to get the crackle look I was going for the first time around more often.

Looks like crackles are here to stay for a little while longer. Will you be trying any of Sally Hansen's crackle overcoats?

♥ Lachelle

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