Sunday, September 20, 2009

Essie Matte About You + My Favorite Purples

One of my lovely friends on Twitter, RebeccaKaz, sent me Essie Matte About You topcoat! So this post is possible because of her! Thanks again! I love Essie's Matte About You, I mean its a great solution to the matte nail trend. You can use it to make any nail polish you already own matte. It has a smooth velvet texture when it dries. There's nothing I don't love about this topcoat! So while looking through my stash, wondering what to try it out on first, I came across Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl. I also gathered 3 more of my favorite purples to try out. Here they are:

L to R: Zoya Hope, China Glaze Grape Juice, Hot Topic Iridescent Purple, Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl

The before picture: 2 coats of each polish with no topcoat:
L to R: Daddy's Girl, Iridescent Purple, Grape Juice, Hope

These polishes are already so gorgeous, lets see them with Essie Matte About You.

I love all of these polishes with the matte topcoat! But guess which ones are my favorite?

Zoya Hope + Matte About You. Isn't this a great purple to matte? I didn't cover all the polish with topcoat though,so a little glossy polish still remains by my cuticle. Besides that, I love this!

I saved the best for last. Hot Topic Iridescent Purple is already gorgeous. With the matte topcoat, I think it becomes even more dramatic. I love it. I'm going to do a whole manicure with this one and the Essie topcoat. You can see the purple and blue shimmer in it as well.

I'm sold on Essie Matte About You. That's coming from someone who didn't like the matte trend at first! Did you love these purples with a matte topcoat? I did!


  1. I love zoya hope with essie may on top! look awsome! :-)

  2. I really love purples, so thank for this :) Hope is the best, lov it matte!

  3. Isn't that top coat great?!? Thank you for doing it on purples, I love the comparison!

  4. Oooh, love purples! Those are some great ones. Your favorite two are mine as well, both of those look stunning matte!

  5. I love Matte About You. It's so fun to experiment, isn't it? All of your purples looks fantastic with matte.

  6. Sigh now I have to buy a bunch of purples, off to the store I go

  7. The Zoya really looks gorgeous. The Sinful Colors I don't like at all. Maybe because it's so sheer. I bought this but I haven't used it yet.

  8. Hot topic has some seriously underrated beauty products

  9. Ah haaaa!! I knew the bug would bite you. Bwahahahaaaa!!! Now I need to get that Essie Matte About You because you just sold me on that. Fabulous!



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