Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sally Hansen Violet Sparks

This is a polish given to me by one of my coworkers :-) Its a polish from Sally Hansen's old Xtreme Wear line and it is a light purple, lavender shimmer. It is pretty sheer, this is three coats + Zoya Armour but I can still see my nail line. On another note, I chopped my nails down again. They were all different lengths; however my index finger is filed funny now that I look at it. LOL


  1. What happened to your index finger? Haha! Love the color of the SH polish. Very pretty on you. Even though you have some VNL the manicure still looks pretty.

  2. Very nice color, complements your skin tone rather nicely

  3. i bought all the bottles of this nail polish i could because my daughter's name is "violet sparks" pretty cool huh?!



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