Saturday, September 12, 2009

LA Girl Matte Giveaway!!!

After overwhelming response to my poll about this giveaway (11 responses, lol) I have decided to go through with it. Thanks to all who voted! My first giveaway and this makes me happy! Plus, I haven't seen these LA Girl Mattes anywhere. I even checked their website; nothing. I picked three polishes to give away; I know I said four, but things change.

Here is the prize all together:

The colors individually:

Matte Orange. Doesn't it look like orange sherbet?

Matte Pink. I couldn't do a giveaway without giving away my favorite color!

Matte Alpine Green. I just thought this would be a cool green to give away. Reminds me of an old chalkboard.

How to enter: Leave your name and e-mail address in the contest form below! Tell me which one of these colors you like the best. That's it. :-) The contest will end this Friday, September 18th at midnight. Only open to those in the US. Sorry, but I cant afford international shipping just yet.

Thanks for reading Polished Beauty Blog! Good Luck!


  1. So lovely polishes, really nice colors :) gl to all who enters :)

  2. Great giveaway!!! Thanks!


  3. I hope I win :D

  4. These are hotnessI My friends from NYC always have to send me LA Girl polishes b/c I just can't find them in FL.

  5. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?



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