Tuesday, July 27, 2010

China Glaze Vintage Vixen- Part One

Ready to take a trip back in time? I have the Vintage Vixen collection to show you and I'm really excited about it! This is the first of 3 posts because I separated the collection up into 4 colors a post.The Vintage Vixen collection is all about 40's era glamour. I really like the theme of this collection and I think there's something for every modern day "vixen" out there in this collection.

 L to R: Hey Doll, Swing Baby, Jitterbug, First Class Ticket

Swing Baby is a personal favorite of mines. In some light it looks gold and in others it appears silver. Either way, I love it!

First Class Ticket,wherever you're going, that's where I want to be! Gorgeous deep purple with blue shimmer. I swear purples never cease to amaze me.

With the Vintage Vixen collection, you can rethink what you though about frosts. I know I did! Three of these pretty polishes are categorized as frosts by China Glaze. They may not dry as glossy as cremes but they make up for it in sparkle.  I wonder if the Vintage Vixens of the 40s would have actually worn these colors? The name fits each polish so well, I started daydreaming while swatching these. Well, back to the future! But remember, we've got two more Vintage Vixen posts to go, so see you soon! :-)

♥ Lachelle

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