Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Orly Ole + Nail File Help!

This is actually a manicure I did last week, so while editing the pictures I noticed how weirdly shaped my nails were! I am officially on the search for the perfect nail file. My nails have not been shaped the way I want them for the longest time. The offending file I used on my nails was a file from Ms.Manicure and boy did it do a number on my nails. It left the tips of my nails so fringy, they looked liked they had on western wear. I swear, it was awful. So if you're reading this is and you have any suggestions on nail files, please let me know! On to the polish shall we?

Orly Ole, a coral creme, is a part of the Viva Summer 2010 collection. I also have La Playa from the collection which I used for my 4th of July manicure but intend on using for a full manicure in the fall for sure.



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