Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nina Ultra Pro Flamenco

Sally Beauty Supply was having a sidewalk sale this weekend and everything on clearance was additional 50% off. I got three Nina Polishes on clearance for just a dollar apiece! They aren't really unique colors, but I might need backups of something in my stash and hey I cant pass up one dollar nail polish, ok? :-)

That brings me to today's NOTD, Flamenco. I think this looks a lot like OPI's Dim Sum Plum, but I only have a small mini bottle of that. So turns out I can justify buying Flamenco. *shifty eyes* Since its such a plain color I decided to spice it up with some freehand nail art. My trusty toothpick flower nail art is usually quick and painless. However, for some reason, the flower on the ring finger in the pictures I am about to show you wouldn't cooperate for me. This was my 3rd and final attempt at the flower just on that nail alone, so I decided to call it a day! So its a little small and crazy looking, but I was tired of removing my polishing and starting over. The crazy thing is my right hand,which is the dominant one, looks just fine considering I did the flower with my left hand. Oh well.

Flamenco could have been a one coater; it was very pigmented and flowed well across the nail. I don't really have a problem with any Nina polishes I own. I think its a great, inexpensive line with a good formula.

♥ Lachelle


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