Monday, September 13, 2010

Purple Gradient Nails

So if you knew how long I have wanted to do purple gradient nails and how many You Tube videos I have watched about it, you would wonder why it took so long for me to do them. Truth is I tried them one time and it turned out not so great and I didn't try again. Lame! 

Well I guess it took the awesomeness of Zoya's JulieAnne to get me started. I think those metallic foils are perfect for layering. I also used China Glaze's Grape Juice and Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope.

 Supplies not pictured are CND Stickey, Seche Vite topcoat and eyeshadow applicators.

What I did was put a bit of Grape Juice and Julie Ann on paper and used the eyeshadow applicator to dab the color lightly on my nails, using more pressure to make the color darker towards the tips. I did Grape Juice first as my "base" and JulieAnne on the tips. Then I put a thin coat of Kaleidoscope over the whole nail and topped it with Seche Vite. 

The whole look was super easy to do and quick. I think I did all of my nails in 10 minutes. You can find eyeshadow applicators at any drugstore for super cheap too. I like that you can do this with any color too, so maybe you'll be seeing more gradient nails in the future.

♥ Lachelle


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