Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fing'rs Edge Nails

I fell in love with these nails when I saw a review done on The Puff Reports. She had a polka dot french manicure that I instantly fell in love with! If any of you have ever seen my Twitter, then you'll know I complain about doing the perfect polka dot manicure. I can never seem to get this right! Even with a dotting tool, they seem to allude me. However, since I was able to review these nails by Fing'rs my problem has been solved. Perfect polka dot manicure without the fuss of the dotting tool. Check it out!

How cute are those? There's more polka dot goodness:

I even included the blackberry in the polka dot fun!

This last style was one I didn't really like in the box, but I loved when I put on my nails:

That little blue star is too cute. They look better than I thought they would.

Okay so on to the review:


  • Cute designs, A twist on the typical french manicure that most fake nails come in
  • Short length, I can work and type with these
  • They come with glue and stick on tabs, so you have options. Only want them on for a couple of hours? Use the stick on tabs. Want a few days worth of wear, use the glue.
  • No tip wear!


  • The sizes of the nails, the thumb nails were entirely too big for my thumbs. I mean it was either have a gigantic nail on my thumb or one that was too little. For the most part, all of the other nails didn't have a problem with sizing

I haven't worn fake nails in a long time, I cant remember how long its been since I gave a nail salon my business. These are a great, reasonable alternative. Just for when I want a break from my nails and polishing for a few days. Like I mentioned before, what I liked about the nails was the option to pick between glue and sticky tabs. Those sticky tabs are really adhesive, more than I thought they would be, but after I tried all the nails on, I decided to go with glue for wearing the original polka dot design I loved. If you liked these you can look at other styles here. I also have some nail art decals to show you from Fing'rs later so check for those later!


  1. Very cute! I love all the designs. I looked high and low for those tabs and could not find them anywhere!

  2. P.s I blogged about you today...

  3. you inspire me.... I just might try that!!!.(hiding chipped nail polish as she types away)

  4. Brooke: I couldnt find the tabs at first either. But then I shook the box vigorously and they fell out. They blend in with that white paper in the box.

    Tammyanka: Thanks! I stopped by your blog today as well...

  5. I just received my Fing'rs Edge Nails in the mail a couple of days ago...I can't wait to try them out! Especially the black nails with the pink polka dots! All of the styles look so cute on you!

  6. I love all the styles they come in. Love the first nails the most. I did think they were your nails. They look so natural.



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