Monday, July 27, 2009

Sally Hansen Made You Blush

This weekend I bought Sally Hansen products exclusively and I didn't even realize it until I got home. I picked up this light pink SH at Target on clearance and I was expecting it to be sheer so it was a surprise when it turned out to be a nice buildable color. I got SH Hard as Nails because I mentioned before that two of my nails on each hand tend to split and/or chip just when I get them the length I want. It's very frustrating so I hope this helps with that problem. Lastly I got SH topcoat, Clear'd for Takeoff. I will talk about that horrible topcoat later...

Here's the polish, 3 coats with the coordinating topcoat:
This is my first SH Salon nail polish and I will say that the formula is nice, not too thick and applied nicely. I love the bottle! Its already one of my favorite polish bottles and the rubber handle is just great like Orlys, helps me get a better grip. However, the Clear'd for Takeoff is a terrible topcoat. Clear'd for Takeoff? Try never did get off the ground. I could still dent my polish almost 45 minutes later! And its not the glossiest topcoat. You know what it is? That Seche Vite has me spoiled. Dries and hardens in minutes to a glossy shine that I have yet to find in any other topcoat. So, I redid my manicure, added another coat of Made You Blush and finished it off with SV.
I can live with this now! :-)



  1. Oh, neat! I've been looking for a softer pink that isn't sheer, without a lot of luck. Who knew it was lurking in my drugstore!
    I have a SH topcoat that dries polishes in literally minutes - SH Mega Shine, it's a silver bottle. It starts getting a bit thick in the middle just like Seche does, only it's a tad cheaper and I believe it may even dry faster. It does dry very glossy too!

  2. Something that dries even faster than my beloved SV? I've got to see this! lol

  3. that's pretty pink. A notch up from nude...I plan to look for it. My only challenge is I cant paint my nails.....how do you do it!!??

  4. Tammyanka: Haha, actually my "painting skills" arent the best, I work at it everyday, changing my polish constantly. lol

  5. The polish looks much better with an added coat. I like the salon nail color. I love this shade of pink.



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