Monday, July 20, 2009

Rimmel Night Before

This my first Rimmel polish and I picked it up this weekend from ULTA. They were having a BOGO 50% off sale so I figured it would be a good time to try these. This is one of the two I got and I love this dark blue-ish purple with golden shimmer. Its dark, but it doesn't look black indoors! Which is a good thing for this polish because it really is beautiful color that should be seen. It only took two coats to get the color in the bottle even though I almost did three out of habit. The formula was good, not too runny. The bottle says "New Pro-Cision Brush" but I didn't find the brush to be any better or worse than other polishes brushes. Also this polish claims to dry in under sixty seconds. Now I didn't watch the clock on this but it seemed to be dry to the touch pretty quickly. I used Seche Vite as a topcoat. Overall, I can see myself buying more Rimmel polishes, they had some interesting shades and I didn't have any complaints about the formula.


  1. Ooh! This one is pretty as well! Love purple nail polishes :)

  2. I love purple colors too. Rimmels not a bad brand. Looks good on you!

  3. I don't own any Rimmels. This is really a pretty purple. Looks lovely on you. I hate when the shades are so dark that they look black.

  4. BVB: Thanks, I have a spot in my heart for purple polishes, lol

    Denny: I would definelty buy more Rimmels. Thanks

    Lucy: I like some almost black shades but I think this one deserves to be seen :-)



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