Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nail Art Inspired by You Tube

I came across this girl's video on YouTube while looking for some nail art ideas and I thought her watermelon color inspired nails were gorgeous!
Since I cant seem to embed the video, here's the link: Watermelon Color Inspired Nails

I set out to duplicate them but I don't have a green striping polish yet so I did a variation. I still wanted the green in the design though so I switched up the white base with a green one:

Two coats of LA Colors Atomic + striping polishes+ Seche Vite

Doesn't look as good or intricate as hers, but I will try again with a white base color. I still wanted to do the look so I switched the colors up to black, pink, white and silver glitter.

This is one coat of SH Blackout+ striping polishes + Seche Vite.

I like the end result with the black tips. Changing up the regular pink and white french manicure with black is one of my favorite things to do lately. I can tell because my bottle of Sally Hansen Black Out is dangerously low. That hasnt happend to any of my polishes since OPI Effiel for This Color so thats saying something! I will be putting that on my ever growing list of things to buy.



  1. Pretty, pretty! I love the colors and they look great! Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Those designs are very creative, you just need some more practice so they ll look more polished and similar on all the nails. But you are definitely very good at having ideas.
    Thanks for sharing. I like those manis

  3. You are becoming quite the professional, sis!! Get iiiit!

  4. Lisa: Your words are very true! I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for stopping by!

    B: Thanks girl! :-)

  5. These are both such pretty designs. You've really come a long way in your design.

  6. Ditto B & Lucy - great strides in your designs - keep it up!



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