Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blast from the Past :OPI Sonora Sunset

Indoors (above)

Outdoor/Sunlight shot
This is two coats + Poshe topcoat.

This is an old OPI I found when I was volunteering in a thrift store sometime last year. Sonora Sunset is from OPI's 1998 Painted Desert collection! I was so excited to find a old OPI so I took it home without second thought. When I got it home, it was thick and clumpy and I thought to myself "What am I gonna do with this?" That's when I found my brand new, unused bottle of Poshe Polish Reviver (because I'd never had a reason to use it before). Polish Reviver, according to the bottle "revives thickened polish to its original viscosity, enhancing the flow for a smooth, professional looking application." I dropped a couple of drops of that stuff into this polish and voila! It was was smooth and gathering nicely on the brush! I was able to revive this polish and do a whole manicure, just as if I had opened a fresh new bottle of nail polish.I am absolutely in love with the possibilities now that I have my Poshe Polish Reviver!

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  1. I loved thinner! I think it's one of the most underused products.
    I use it to thin polishes and to improve bad formulas and did you know you can also use thinner to fix smudges? Just a little drop on your finger, a quick swipe/rub over the smudge and you are good to go.
    The stuff is awesome!

  2. That color looks beautiful on you!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE 'vintage' polishes! That is awesome you found it at a thrift store and revived it - I think that is such a great way to be more environmentally friendly too! I love the color :) Thanks for sharing!!



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