Saturday, January 2, 2010

NYC Times Square Tangerine

The first post of 2010! I've been waiting on 2010 for quite some time. This May I will graduate from college and I cant wait. Then I can finally get a full time job to feed my polish, makeup and clothing addition. I can also get the Toyota Yaris I've had my broke undergrad eyes on. :-) While celebrating the New Year shopping at Target I decided pick up this orange creme from NYC. I don't have many orange polishes and at 94 cents I thought, "why not"? I've been avoiding oranges because they can be super bright and not so great against my skin tone. NYC Times Square Tangerine is a medium orange creme, indoors it looks darker and outdoors it looks brighter. The pictures are 3 coats + Poshe topcoat. I probably could have done 2, but I could still slightly see my nail line and 3 coats is just a habit to me.

So here it is, NYC Times Square Tangerine:

Outdoor + No Flash

Looks a little red to me, so of course this wont stay up long. This is the 2nd day of the manicure and I can already see some tip wear. :-( Hey, it was only .94 cents so no biggie. Also,

Happy New Year!
May 2010 be filled with love, laughter and good times.


  1. Darn it.. cant see that site here at work :( i will come back when I come home tonight ;)

  2. Now i seen it ;D Gorgoues creme color :D Happy New years to you also :) hope you get thar car soon ;)

  3. I like the Tangerine. I can't wait to see Denim on.

  4. Aww! I think this looks cute on your skintone. But I know how it is to not like it on yourself, I have that problem with golds too.

  5. I never liked tangerine until I saw this post :)it's quite nice

  6. I am wearing that color right now and it does chip off really easy



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