Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NYC Polyester Pink Creme

I was browsing around Target and picked this up along with NYC Skin Tight Denim   because it was 94 cents! Plus it really is a nice pastel pink. However, application had some issues. The consistency is thick but runny. Does that make sense? It seemed to like to pool around my cuticles (which I am very angry at right now) and I don't like that. I believe this is 4 coats + Poshe topcoat.

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  1. Cremes tend to be a bit tricky to put on.. I try to use a thin layer and it usually works out :) But that's a lot of coats to make it look good :o

  2. gildedangel: Thanks!

    rjah:I tried thin coats but I got impatient, lol

    Jasmin: thanks!



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