Monday, January 25, 2010

China Glaze Skate Night

I'm just now getting around to posting picture of this craptastic manicure. I love China Glaze, I really do. However this polish chipped so fast on me! I believe Skate Night is from their Retro Diva collection, which had some real gems in it. However, Skate Night just didn't do it for me. You know, I was on the fence about this color to begin with because its a little red to me. Oh well, my mom loves it. I might let her have it.

This is two coats + Poshe topcoat.

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  1. I bet you would LOVE "Cowgirl Up" by China Glaze. It's close to this color but not as red. That has to be my favorite color by China Glaze so far.



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