Saturday, April 2, 2011

Metallic Zebra Nails? Yes!

During Sally Beauty's Sidewalk Clearance sale, I spotted these super shiny metallic nails by Nail Bliss. You just cant get this shine with nail polish...and they are zebra print so you know I had to try them. 

Picture of the packaging I tweeted

I really like that they come with adhesive tabs so I don't have to use glue. The downside to that is they don't stay on as long, but I just wore these fun nails for the weekend. If you're looking for longer wear, you'll probably want to use glue. I also clipped and filed them down because I thought they were a little long and I wanted them about the length of my real nails. As always, fake nails look weird around the cuticle area to me, but from far away its not that bad. 

Like I mentioned earlier, these were on clearance at Sally Beauty Supply. Don't you hate when you find something awesome on clearance but then they stop making it or the product is really hard to find? I hope that's not the case with these.

Check out more about Nail Bliss and see the other metallic nails they offer at their website.

So what do you think? Metallic nails; yay or nay?

♥ Lachelle


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