Monday, April 25, 2011

Ulta Alter Ego

I wore this back when the sunshine was abundant and I had every intention of taking sun pics of this polish. You see, Ulta's Alter Ego really shines in the sun (pardon the pun) and that's when it is at its best. However, its been a rainy, dark couple of days in North Texas so I only have indoor and shady outdoor pics. This is a REALLY pretty polish though, it has gold running through it's metallic teal base. Two coats was all I needed to get bottle color. Ulta is always having a sale on their brand of cosmetics so if you want this, I'm  pretty sure you can catch a good deal.

By the way, this is random, but I wonder how Ulta came up with the name for this polish? I don't see any link between this shade and the name "Alter Ego". Maybe if it was apart of a collection I would understand? Oh well. *shrugs*
♥ Lachelle


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