Sunday, July 31, 2011

Zoya Fall 2011 Mirrors collection

Nobody's more ready for fall more than me! Texas is going for the gold with this 100 degree day streak we've got going on. Ugh. Here's what I want. I would like to make it from the door to the car without feeling like I'm going to fall out. Or not feel like my jeans are pasted to my skin because the sun is beaming down on them at full blast. You get the point?

With visions of Autumn in my head, here's 1/2 of the Zoya Fall 2011 Smoke and Mirrors collection.  

Zoya Mirrors Collection

Zoya Jem ~ Dark purple metallic base with golden shimmer

Zoya Neeka ~ Gray/purple base with golden shimmer

Zoya Yara ~ Olive green with gold shimmer

Zoya Tao ~ Light gray metallic

Zoya Marina ~ Blue gray metallic

Zoya Nimue ~ Soft smoky purple metallic

These were all photographed with two coats and no topcoat. None of these were sheer, so what you see in the bottle is pretty much what you get. Well done on this Fall collection Zoya. I think there's something here for everyone. Vampy lovers? Check. Green fiends? Check. Metallic mamas? Heyyy! Double check! Hahaha.

Unexpected favorite? Zoya Yara. That olive green with beautiful golden shimmer is a winner. I'm not a fan of green but that one screams fall to me. I can pull it off. Yessssss.

You can order the Mirrors collection here. Stay tuned for the Smoke collection swatches. Nothing I love more than creme polishes!

♥ Lachelle

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cina Nail Art Pen Manicure

 After renewing my Sally Beauty Club card, I had a 5 dollar gift certificate to use in store, so I decided to pick up a Cina nail art pen. Mainly, I wanted to try doing a leopard manicure and I wanted the precision of using a pen versus a skinny nail brush, like on my Art Deco nail art polishes.

Shake pen and depress nib to freshen the nib with nail polish before each use.

 Nib? Who decided to call it that? What about tip? Okay...anyway.

Basically its like a marker with nail polish in it! Awesome concept, bad execution. Like a cheap dollar store maker, it seemed to dry up and run out of polish, even after shaking it several times. Fail. Especially since this was my FIRST time using it. I tried shaking it and waiting a bit between each nail, but I was still not able to complete a whole design without the design fading or starting to get lighter.

Here's the finished product:


Cina, see you later! If I want to use this again, I'll probably have to let it rest for a day or two. But even then I'm not so sure this has what it takes to complete my nail art designs.

♥ Lachelle

Monday, May 16, 2011

Barielle Coalest Day of the Year

Somehow, in over two years of polishing my nails, I have yet to try a Barielle nail polish until now. I have one of their nail treatments which I love, so I'm setting the bar kind of high for the nail polish.

Coalest Day of the Year is from Barielle's Winter 2010 Holiday Hustle collection. Odd choice for the middle of the summer, but lets have a look...

Charcoal gray shimmer that has flashes of green...in the bottle, its really pretty.

No problems with application, went on smoothly and the brush wasn't wonky. Its that all I ask anyway? Barielle, we may become friends. Especially since I can find you at Ulta...

PS...I love the name of this polish. 

♥ Lachelle

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat: Cherry Smash

Remember I told you Sally Hansen was coming out with some Crackle polishes, hitting stores in June? Well I have one of the shades to show you! Introducing...Cherry Smash.


I dont have a red crackle polish yet, so I didnt know what to layer it over. When in doubt, you can always do skittle nails!  Here it is over Orly Shine, Sally Hansen Black Out and Ruby Kisses French White. L to R.

Cherry Smash has a thin consistency, as do most crackle polishes I've tried. However, this polish seems to be even thinner than my CG crackles, which is not necessarily a bad thing to me. I had to get the hang of applying crackles, because if you put on a thick coat, it wont crackle right. The thin consistency of Cherry Smash helped me to get the crackle look I was going for the first time around more often.

Looks like crackles are here to stay for a little while longer. Will you be trying any of Sally Hansen's crackle overcoats?

♥ Lachelle

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Buffy the Violet Slayer

 Guess who's been stepping their game up? Wet n Wild! Thats right, this super affordable drugstore brand has me really excited about their 2011 Summer nail polish collections I spotted on Nouveau Cheap. So in anticipation I went to Walgreens and picked up one of their new Fast Dry polishes, Buffy the Violet Slayer. What I love about these is that they are all some variation of TV show names: Buffy the Violet Slayer, Party of 5 glitters, Ebony Hates Chris, Gray's Anatomy, etc. Call it cheesy if you want, but these names made me crack a smile. 

Buffy the Violet Slayer is a gorgeous deep purple polish that is opaque with one coat. I did two cause thats how I roll, but you can get away with one. I also accidentally put the Fast Dry formula to the test. For some reason I put Seche on all my nails except for my right thumb nail. I noticed the next morning that it didn't have any topcoat. Whats so awesome about that? Well I painted my nails about 15 mins before I got into bed and there were no sheet marks whatsoever on that nail! I'm definitely going to try out more Wet n Wild Fast Dry polishes!

You know the spiel about how these types of purple polishes freak out my camera so these look way more blue than they should.

♥ Lachelle

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ulta Alter Ego

I wore this back when the sunshine was abundant and I had every intention of taking sun pics of this polish. You see, Ulta's Alter Ego really shines in the sun (pardon the pun) and that's when it is at its best. However, its been a rainy, dark couple of days in North Texas so I only have indoor and shady outdoor pics. This is a REALLY pretty polish though, it has gold running through it's metallic teal base. Two coats was all I needed to get bottle color. Ulta is always having a sale on their brand of cosmetics so if you want this, I'm  pretty sure you can catch a good deal.

By the way, this is random, but I wonder how Ulta came up with the name for this polish? I don't see any link between this shade and the name "Alter Ego". Maybe if it was apart of a collection I would understand? Oh well. *shrugs*
♥ Lachelle

Friday, April 22, 2011

New on the Scene: Sally Hansen Crackles

 Sally Hansen is jumping on the crackle trend and bringing us new crackle polishes in some interesting looking colors. I'm feeling pretty optimistic about these because Sally Hansen did us right with their super cute, affordable versions of Minx. Thier nail polish strips definitely get an A in my book, so lets see what Sally Hansen has for us this time!

Here's the press release:

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat

WHAT IT IS: The boldest new nail lacquer effect for nails

WHAT IT DOES: Turns any nail color into nail drama. Crackle your color-it is the simplest way to customize nails- just brush on and create a design that is never the same twice.
Start with your favorite nail color, let it dry and apply one coat of Crackle Overcoat. The crackle effect appears as it dries. Every nail will be different, every nail will be dramatic. Seal with a top coat to maximize the shine and seal the color. The eight shades of Crackle make design options limitless.

THE SHADES: Snow Blast, Vintage Violet, Fractured Foil, Fuchsia Shock, Distressed Denim, Antiqued Gold, Cherry Smash and Ink Splatter

AVAILABLE: June 2011, $5.95 Each


♥ Lachelle


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