Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nail Polish Finds

L to R: Himalayan Hideaway, Sonora Sunset from the 1998 Painted Desert Summer Collection, Colorado Crimson from the 1996 Rocky Mountain Winter Collection

Well, look at what we have here. Some discontinued OPI's. How did I find them? Well today I happened to be doing my volunteer hours at the thrift store and was sorting donations to go on the racks. I see one of the managers holding up a plastic box, like on of those Sterlite containers, of what looks like OPI nail polish. What? I run over there to him and the conversation goes like this:

Me:"Wow, you dont know how much I love nail polish, How much?!"
Him: "One dollar"
Me: "That's it?!"
Him:"Well then 2 dollars!"
Me: "No , that's okay,I'll take them for one dollar!"

Then I proceeded to run around the counter to dig in. There were a lot of reds, and I have yet to add a red to my collection. There's just something about red polish and my hands that I dont think looks good. So I figured I take a chance on these for a buck. Also I threw in a purple shimmer because I had to have it.

They are the old OPI formulas so they are not big three free. Also they are a bit thick so I will add some Zoya Renew to them and see how that goes.

Sooo...how will these work out for me? Check back and see!

Thanks for reading,


  1. I just drafted a post about finding polish @ the thrift store! LOL! It will post later on today! Good haul, LaChelle!

  2. Oh how lucky you were! I think I would have to buy them all. Can't wait for the swatching to begin.



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