Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OPI Himalayan Hideaway

Outdoor + No Flash

Indoor + Flash

Remember those polishes I got at the thrift store? Well here is one of them, OPI Himalayan Hideaway. Sorry guys, I didn't mention what collection it was from in the earlier post but that was because I just found out. It's from OPI's 1993 Fall/Winter Alpine Colors Collection.
This polish I didn't add any Zoya Renew to it and it wasn't goopy or thick actually. The application was okay, not as great because it doesn't have that awesome Pro-Wide brush that OPI has now. I love that brush! Please excuse that polish on my ring finger and my cuticle situation. Next on my polish shopping list is cuticle eraser, I'm doing my research now on which one is the best.

Because I don't like red nail polish, this was something new for me. I haven't like red nail polish since I was little. It's a weird story. I couldn't just wear a plain red mani, so I added some flowers. This is my first time adding flowers, so they are a little off center and not perfect. I used my regular white, Wet n Wild French White creme and I made a black center with Sally Hansen Black Out.

What do you think?


  1. Pretty!! I'm not a fan of red polishes either...

  2. Nice job on the flowers. I think the manicure looks gorgeous on you. I just put red polish on for the first time in ages. I used Revlon's Mon Cherry. It's the new scented polish. Smells very faintly of cherry.

  3. B: Thanks!
    Lucy: Scented polish! Oooh tell me more. I'm off to google this now...

  4. Ive yet to add some red to my collection...Something about it scares me off but I think I may soo be buying some RED...
    wish me luck...

  5. Roxy:
    Sorry I'm just getting to your comment, but yeah, RED scares me off too. I went for it because I cant be a nail polish fanatic without saying I've tried it, even just once. So go for it! Good luck!



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