Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Zoya Lauren

Outdoor + No Flash

Indoor + Flash

Here is something I never do, a nude-color nail. However, I got to get my hands on Zoya's Lauren and I decided to go for it. They describe it as a pink nude beige with shimmering golden metallic highlights. It's sheer so this is four coats. That's one more than I usually do with any polish but the end results made me somewhat happy. It's a work safe color, that's for sure. I think this color looks really good with my dark skin tone though, so that's a positive out the whole experience.
Are you feeling nude color nail polish?


  1. I'm not a nude-y girl but this is a perfect at work-professional affair color.

  2. I'm not a fan of the "work safe colors" myself, I like my brights too much! I do think this color does look really good with your skintone though, very pretty on you.

    I got a shout out for your blog posted up today :)

  3. Pretty polish color on you. I rarely wear nudes. Usually if I have to chop all my nails short because they broke, I pull out the nudes. I just ordered a bunch of wild polish from overallbeauty.com! Can't wait to get it.

  4. B: My thoughts exactly. I'm afraid that after I graduate I'll have to wear professional colors only! :-(

    Brooke:Thank you for the compliment and helping me with my blog!

    Lucy: I'm probably going to have to chop my nails soon and dreading it. Whenever I order something online I cant wait! :-)



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