Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sinful Colors Cream Pink

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This is one of my first ventures into nail art. I think it turned out well myself. I got a dotting tool at Sallys this past week and bought a white nail polish, Wet n Wild Wild Shine 449C French White cream. The dotting tool is really cool because its a double sided tool, on one end you have the "dotter" and the other side is really fine brush for nail art.

I decided to finally do a polka dot manicure. I've always admired other bloggers nail art and decided to do this version of a polka dot manicure because I felt it would be easier for a beginner like me. This is three coats of Sinful Colors Cream Pink which really is a great bright pink. I love it for pedicures also.

One thing is wrong with these pictures though; this is day two of this manicure and it already has some minor chipping! I used Zoya's color lock system too. Hmmm...I think it works better with Zoya polishes. Also there was some minor, very slight bubbling,but not enough to make me take it off though.

Hope today is a start of a great week for you,


  1. I have yet to use my dotting tool. I need to hop to it, because you've done a lovely job here. I think I should give it a try. I do love my Sinful Colors. Awesome!

  2. visiting via the PBG :)

    how do you rate the quality of sinful polishes? i love the color range and have quite a few out of the addiction of buying polish, but have yet to use any of them. silly me! lOL

  3. I love this pinky color and your dots turned out so cute and pretty :-)

  4. The Pretty Brown Girl: Thank you, this is my very first mani with the dotting tool, so if I can do it, you should defintely give it a try. LOL

    Yummy 411: Sinful colors have been a hit and miss for me. Some colors I love, like the Cream Pink, its good and opaque in 2 coats but I like three. Then I have Daddy's Girl which is a gorgeous dark purple glitter in the bottle but very sheer. But they're so cheap I can afford to experiment

    Tuli: Thank you! :-)

    B: Thanks girl :-)

  5. Love the polka dots! I have lots of Sinful Colors polish. I think I've only used a few. More blogs I read, the more polish I buy.



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