Monday, April 6, 2009

Zoya Barbie

Wow, I love this color. I kind of expected to seeing as how I love pink but this one surpassed my expectations. First off I thought it made my hands look super manicured and nice, just something about that shade of pink I adore. It has golden shimmer that you can see in the bottle but not so much on the nails. What I love about Zoya nail polish is that it doesnt chip quickly on me, this manicure was on for about 3 days. It probably would have lasted longer but I rewarded myself after a test I studied for really hard and passed with a new manicure. :-)

Another great polish from my Zoya Polish Exchange. Sweet.


  1. cool! this is one of the colors i ordered from the zoya nail polish exchange (which btw, is over in june). i find myself asking people if they have nail polishes they havent used so i can stock up,lol.

  2. augusta: ME too! I'm walking around my apt like "everyone give me thier old polishes!" I'll ask anyone. lol I love the polish exchange.



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