Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Claires Mixable

How cool is that? 3 colors mixed in one bottle for a color surprise! I've been meaning to get my hands on these ever since I saw them on Scrangie's blog and this weekend I finally did. I have no idea how this works but I love the concept. Of course I picked this one hoping for pink, my favorite color, but check out what I got below:

Looks pink indoors, but check it out in the sun:
It's orange! Trust me, it's very orange. These pics don't do it justice. I was hoping for a pink and it turned out to be a orange, the first orange I've ever loved against my skin tone. No, its not the fist orange I've ever bought, but its the first one I've ever loved. It dried fast and very matte. This is three coats + Seche Vite and I did three coats because I could still see my nail line at two coats. These are 5 dollars at Claire's and I happened to catch a sale for BOGO 50% so I have another Claire's polish to show you tomorrow!


  1. I just may give this a try. I've been giving this polish the side eye all year. It really looked kinda janky to me in the store. But it came out really cute on you!

  2. Looks pretty on you. I love all the layers. I was wishing for a miracle that the polish would look just like it does in the bottle.

  3. Hi I am desperately trying to find these! can you help me? I do not have a Meijer near me and their website does not even have nail polishes on them. Could you get a few for me? I would be willing to pay 3x the value or can a buy a shade from you?

  4. Dana-> Could you e-mail me?

  5. how did u get it to work?



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