Friday, August 28, 2009

Revlon Runway Collection Nails in Starlet

I was sent a box of the Revlon Runway collection nails to try and I decided to show you my favorite design first! This is Starlet (91102) and I think these are pretty cool, they add a little glitter twist to a plain french manicure. If you want to see an even cooler twist to these nails check out this, she's amazing! Here's the manicure I did using these nails:

  • What I liked about these nails is that they were long enough to cover my own nails with the exception of my thumb. This is actually the length I want my natural nails to attain, so its a little inspiration.
  • The nails come with a buffer and a manicure stick! Two things I cant have enough of because I'm constantly doing my nails! The buffer is so that you can prepare your natural nails for the fake nails. Manicure stick is for cleaning excess glue.
  • These nails are tinted light pink so they are supposed to match your own nail bed more closely...I dont think it did for me.
  • There are 24 nails in this box,so you can find sizes to match your own nails, which is great! Have a big thumbnail? Tiny pinky nail? Chances are there's a nail in there for you!

Overall, I there are more things I like than dislike about these nails. The thing I dont like the most? Removal. You have to soak these babies in pure acetone to get them to dissolve. So when you're ready to remove these, find a great movie or your favorite TV show and a bowl to put your acetone in. Then sit down and enjoy soaking your nails because youre going to be there for a while!

You can find these at CVS for under 7 bucks.


  1. I like your hand on the hip pose. I love all these Revlon nails. They have some lovely designs. They also look very good on you. Nail bed is too pink for you. Nice to use if you don't feel like doing your own nails.

  2. Gotta love that color, but i have to say I like your ring that much more



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