Monday, August 10, 2009

Lady in Red Nails

Here's what inspired me to do "Lady in Red" nails. I say inspired me, because I didn't do the exact same nails, but a version of them. I wanted to do the original but last night I could not find white nail polish. It was too late to go to the store too. How does that even happen?! Check out the hotness:

This nail design is enough to make me overcome my aversion to red nail polish! Well, just for this manicure. I love this color theme, I want to do my living room in these colors. I digress...

Anyway, I made some changes to my manicure. Like I said, I didn't have the white polish so I couldn't do the white tip in Step 1. Also, I'm kicking myself for not getting rhinestones so I couldn't put them on, like in Step 3. Instead I used a dotting tool to make red dots in the grid squares and it didn't come out as well as I pictured it. I only did the design on two of my fingers on each hand and it suits me just fine. This design on every finger might have been too much for me. Okay, so here's the final result:

The polishes I used were:

  • Claire's Black (no name on the polish)
  • OPI Himalayan Hideaway
  • LA Colors Art Deco polish in white
  • Stripe Rite polish, silver glitter
  • Seche Vite


  1. I don't care - it still looks HOT! I think you do red very well. That's really neat!

  2. Very intricate design! I like yours though! I think you did pretty good for such a labor intensive design. Very cute.

  3. Love your design! Looks really pretty. Your inspiration looks really hard to do. You'll have to try it when you get your white. I like all three of the steps as a stand alone manicure.



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