Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Zoya Ali

Ali, the way you make me feel...to steal a page out of MJ's book :-)
A lot of nail polish bloggers have their favorite color; for some its green, some blue or for others it may be purple. But me? I've loved pink since before I started blogging. Even with all the wonderful colors I've discovered since getting into nail polish, pink is still my first love. Nothing lifts my spirits like a hot pink manicure.

I used a Zoya trinity: the base coat Anchor, Ali and topcoat Armour. Color Lock! This manicure isn't going anywhere! Here it is, the beautiful Ali, in all it's Zoya glory:

I tried to promise myself I wouldn't order another pink from Zoya, but I couldn't resist. I love pink cremes! The formula on Zoya polishes is amazing! This went on smooth and dried quickly and matte since its a neon. Immediately I thought to myself. "How does this stand up to my China Glaze Shocking Pink?" Well, Ali takes it up a notch! It's even brighter!

A picture of me holding both with Ali on my nails:

I'll still be wearing this in the fall! I don't care how many vampies come out, this one will be year around for me. Who says I have to follow the rules?


  1. Oh my goodness, I love it! LOVE IT. I love bright, hot, fiery pinks, and this is awesome. Looks fantastic on you - of course you should wear it year round! "Pink is my signature color"....having a Steel Magnolias moment, but every time I think of you & pink, I think of that line!

  2. This totally matches your shirt in your pic at the top of the blog!

    It looks so neon and juicy and perfect! I am a hot pink lover too!

  3. I always wear what I love and others be damned! Your nails are looking hot and gorgeous. Love that shade of pink. I have tons of pink even though I'm a green lover. Nothing wrong with a lovely neon pink.

  4. Love your blog and the pink nail polish!

    You should check out http://beautygirlblog.com

    It's all about fashion, hair, makeup, and even inner beauty!


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