Monday, August 3, 2009

CND Solar Manicure

Look what I found at Trade Secret:

What it says on the bottle:
CND Solar Manicure is a one step exfoliating treatment with the properties of Solar Oil . Sea salts provide mild exfoliation while super penetrating formula conditions nails and skin.

Apply a small amount to hands and gently massage. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry. Finish by massing to help the natural oils penetrate into the skin.

The jar opened:

Here's what it looked like it on my hand:

Let me just say that I love Solar Oil and this felt like a heavenly, thicker, moisturizing version for my whole hand. And the fragrance! It smells good, I don't know how to describe it, but it smells better than Solar Oil. My hands felt really, soft and moisturized. I mean with all those oils in there, sunflower, sweet almond, jojoba, etc, it has to feel great. I was afraid it was going to be too oily to wash off with just water or that it would feel great as long as it was on but as soon as it washed away I wouldn't feel the benefits. Both of my assumptions were wrong. It washed off just fine and my hands were still soft when I patted them dry.

Exfoliating beads feel really great when you massage this in
Super moisturizing
Pleasant fragrance

Those beads feel great but they will fly everywhere! Keep a paper towel or towel near to keep the mess to a minimum.
A bit pricey, it regularly retails for 15.95 at Trade Secret but I got it on clearance for 60% off

Verdict? Its a nice product to have in my collection for when I want to do something extra special for my manicures. I use acetone and that is harsh on my hands, this definitely could restore the moisturize I lose. I imagine it would feel even better if someone else was massaging my hands! A girl can dream...

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  1. I love the smell of almond oil. This seems nice to use. I bought almond oil to use in my bath a long time ago. I was swishing all over and then a few minutes later you could see exactly where I had put it on. I had huge red marks on my chest and arms. It was pure almond oil and I must've been sensitive to it. I can still use it in products and it doesn't bother me. It was odd. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone else massage you!



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