Monday, August 17, 2009

Orly Pixie Dust

This is one of the four polishes I won from the Orly Once Upon a Time collection thanks to Mary at Body and Soul. In the package she also included a very pretty thank you note! How nice of her! I never thought I would like a gray polish but this gorgeous shimmer has made me think otherwise. In some lights, I even think it looks a little blue! It took three coats to get to the bottle color. Here's the bottle in the sun:

I love that rubber cap, it makes it so much easier to grip while applying polish.

Now on to the polish on my nails:

A note about my index finger: This fingernail is infamous for having splits so I tried out these nail bandages I got from Sally Beauty supply. I don't think I filed it down good enough to make the surface smooth. So I will give that a try again. Anything to not have to cut my nails! I hate when they get to a length I like, then some of them split.

I will try and do the other three polishes I got in one post so that way I do not draw out a collection that most of you have already seen!


  1. What a pretty color, I can't wait for swatches of the others!

  2. love the color! your nails look awesome!

  3. I like this shade on you. It does look a little blueish. Hope your nail can be fixed. I hate when they start to split.

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  5. I'm looking to try this polish out. Love the color.

  6. I liked that one also! It looks very nice on you. It's interesting how it can be more blue or grey, depending.

  7. Have to be honest, silver really isnt my thing. But it looks fairly nice on you!



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