Friday, August 7, 2009

Polka Dots!!!!

Okay, if you follow me on Twitter or have read my blog enough you will know that I have been on a mission to do polka dots on my nails. I even got a dotting tool from Sallys. I thought to myself , problem solved. Well I still didn't get it right, I thought it was the dotting tool, then I thought it was me. I thought I must be the only person in the world who cant make polka dots. So last night after reading a tutorial on Steph's Closet I decided to give her manicure a try. The solution was simple! It was the polish I was using. I always used this white polish because I wanted white polka dots, but that polish was very old and clumpy. No wonder I couldn't make one polka dot without a string of polish following it on the dotting tool. Now it almost seems obviously ridiculous!

I like this, but I shouldn't have added that white stripe along the bottom. I was just so excited that I did a little too much. Oh well, this is only staying on for one day. I'm trying again tomorrow!


  1. Oh, that came out completely cute! I'm so getting a dotting tool the next time I go to Sally's. Congrats! I love the colors too. I can't do a french mani to save my life, but I try and hope I get better.

  2. That is so nice looking! I'm with Nicole, I can't do a French :( I liked my dotting tool, but then I picked up something similar at Michael's called a Stylus tool and I prefer that.

  3. Thanks Nicole and Mary! I'm the opposite. I was all like, french manis are easy but those polka dots are hard! lol

  4. Well, I think this mani came out really cute . You did a great job!

  5. I saw Steph's tutorial too and thought it was great! You did a great job on this, I think it's cute!!

  6. I love Steph's polka dot manicures. I was thankful for her tutorial. I haven't tried it yet. Your nails look fabulous! I can't do a French to well. My nails are finally growing so I have to try it.



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