Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Last of My Orly Once Upon A Time Swatches

Remember when I said earlier that I won 4 of the Orly Fall 09 collection polishes from the wonderful Mary at Body and Soul ? Well I finally got around to getting those other 3 polishes swatched. Blame it on my camera! The batteries died...

Prince Charming was the one I was most excited about, I don't own anything like it. Ironically, it was the last polish from the collection that I tried. I think the sheerness of the polish scared me off. I put one coat on my thumb and the polish was sheer and runny! So I put it back up until I felt like facing it. The end result? Pictures first, opinion second.

Hmm. I don't love this on me. In certain lighting, like the first picture, I can like it. However, I cant constantly be in that particular lighting all day so I just can live with this on all day. I have nothing bad to say about the color; its edgy, out of the box, different, whatever you prefer. It just doesn't work on me. This is three coats + Orly Sec n Dry topcoat. I didn't like the thin, runny consistency of this polish.

Happily Ever After:

Haha, the name reminds me of the song by Case. Anyway, if I dont see this polish for a while, I will be Happily Ever After. I wore it for 3 days last week, starting Friday, and I never wear polish that long. Unless I absolutely love it of course. I took a trip home and I thought I could deal with this on my nails all weekend. Um, no. I have nothing agaisnt the color, its my first berry color! It even has very subtle shimmer in it. This is only two coats, thats all you need, this is nice and opaque shade. I used the Orly Sec n Dry topcoat.

I cannot figure out where the pictures of Poison Apple went! I promise I had them, I cant find them on my computer and definitely not on my camera. Hmm. If you want to see a swatch of it, check out Brittany's at Clumps of Mascara.

Thanks again Mary, for these wonderful polishes!


  1. Prince Charming....not sure about that one. It reminds me of OPI's You Don't Know Jacques. People swore that color was for everyone but I don't think they are bueno on warmer skin tones. I ooooove Happily Ever After. I swear I've got 298 colors like it though. LOL!

  2. I agree that I love it on you in the first picture but in the second picture, meh. It's okay.
    However, I'm not into Happily Ever After at all. It looks pretty and all, but I am just not drawn to it and now I'm doubly glad I skipped it!
    Really curious as to how Poison Apple looks on your skin. I know it would suck on mine, so I skipped that too.

  3. Happily Ever After looks awesome! What a lovely berry color!

  4. I personally love both colors for me! Haha! Unless you walk around with that lighting I guess it won't work. Maybe you can use it to Konad over or for some nail art. I like Happily Ever After on you. Some colors just don't feel right on you. I used to feel like that with brown clothing. It would make me feel really sloppy and down in the dumps. That was years ago. Now I really love the color on me. Maybe you feel like that with the berry colors. Do you own clothing in that shade?



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