Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Took the Plunge...Matte Nail Polish!

I said I'd never do it. However, I couldn't resist ordering one of the Zoya mattes when they had their Zoya 5000 offer. I picked Dovima, a black shimmer, with the intent of putting a topcoat on it. I've seen this polish with a topcoat and I think it's better that way. Also, I felt I wouldn't be making an informed decision to dislike mattes if I'd never tried it. So here it is:

I don't like it! Mattes just don't do it for me. But that bottle does. It's frosted, like the polish is suspended in ice. The polish is very smooth to the touch, Matte Velvet is the perfect name for it. Here it is with Zoya Armour:

If I ever buy another matte, it will be a color that I just want to slap a topcoat on. But I don't know why I would do that when there are plenty of gorgeous cremes I have yet to get!


  1. I bought all three of the Zoyas. That was good that you got it for free. Doesn't make it seem so bad since you didn't like it. It does look pretty on you. I also like it with a topcoat. The mattes don't last without a topdoat.

  2. Hahaha, I feel the same way about mattes, but I actually tried them years ago, didn't like them then, so I've been able to resist all this huge surge of mattes on the market! Looks great with a topcoat, though!

  3. I've had the Zoya mattes for a while (glances over at my pile of untried's) and they're the only mattes I bought. I just use a matte top coat when I feel the need. I like them, just something different, but I still love the gloss finish of 'regular' polish.

  4. Yeah, I don't think I could wear a matte polish. It is good to know that they have a matte top coat, to keep from chipping. However, I love the shiny wet look on my finger nails.

  5. That's a damn good paint job! I don't know but I really don't like the mattes...like everyone else, I love a shiny nail. Didn't know that you could wear these with a topcoat!

  6. I was part of the Zoya 5000 offer, too. I really wanted to try the mattes, but I heard that they don't last as long as regular polish. Still gonna get some though!

    The color looks really pretty on you!

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