Wednesday, May 20, 2009

China Glaze Shocking Pink

Outdoor + Flash
Indoor + Flash

What took me so long to get that Seche Vite?! The shine is amazing! I think the reason was because I got one of those "trial sized" bottles from Trade Secret that was gooey and sticky. I was like is that what the fuss is all about?! However, the new bottle I got from Sallys is like butter! And it dries soooo fast!

I've been waiting to get my hands on Shocking Pink ever since I saw it in some YouTube videos. I did my nails and feet with this color and I was at work and this lady walks by and says" Wow, that's really bright! It really says summer" Another time my nails were noticed was at home; this is actually a funny story to me. I was blow drying my hair when all of a sudden I smell something burning. I run into the living room where one of my roommates is sleep and the other runs out of her room. Whats burning? Turns out the dishwasher is smoking because some plastic Tupperware dropped to the bottom and was burning during the steam cycle. While the smoke is coming out of the dishwasher, my roommate is like, "Wow your nails look so manicured! Did you do those yourself?" I was like "Yeah, I did!" Meanwhile my boyfriend is standing by, shaking his head "You guys are talking about nails and the dishwasher is about to catch on fire!" It was funny. Hey, we're just three girls...

I am so happy with this color. I think its my new favorite pink. Yeah, I know. I say that a lot.


  1. lol - the fire can wait until after nail polish talk, right!!

    This color looks really good on you! I love brights like this!! I need to see if I have this one in my stash - hot!

  2. Haha, thanks Brooke!
    Check your stash girl, check it...lol

  3. Polish Talk >>>>> Kitchen Fire! LOL!

    This pink is totally hot on you! Getting compliments on your nails is the best, isn't it? :)

  4. oh my goodness! This is the best blog ever! I had just come from getting my mom some nail colors and wanted to send her a pic of the colors I got for her and found your blog! TOO FUN!!! I'm totally addicted to nail colors!!! too exciting!!!!!! :)

  5. PBG: It is nice to get compliments :-) They make me feel as if my hard work hasnt gone unnoticed.

    Amanda: Thanks! Glad I could be of assistance! Nail polish is pretty awesome.

  6. Gorgeous manicure! Love that color on you. That is too funny about the burning Tupperware. Men just don't get it.



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