Sunday, May 31, 2009

What do you use to remove polish?

One of my least favorite part of a manicure is removing polish. I wish I could snap my fingers or something and the polish is off and ready for the next color. Yeah...that's not going to happen.

I've tried a couple of removers from different brands and it's always the same thing; I have to twist and turn and scrub my little cotton ball on my fingers for what seems like forever. Imagine my happiness when I used Zoya's Remove+. That has got to be hands down, the best polish remover I have ever tried. No harsh scent, removes polish like a charm. Literally, I just used one cotton ball to remove polish from all ten fingers. What?!

Then there's the bottle design...it's genius! That flip top has helped me many times when I wanted to remove polish from one finger without messing up another one. This is also the only polish remover that hasn't dried out my nails and skin after using it. It's amazing and it still works that way after lots of swatching too.

So here's my dilemma, I'm almost at the bottom of my bottle. I wont be getting to order anymore soon. It's 10 bucks + shipping and handling but its worth every penny. Only thing is my pennies wont be making that order soon. Until then I'm looking for a remover that I can find in-store. What do you guys suggest? Anything that you just love?


  1. I use Studio Tools brand from Target. They have acetone and non-acetone. The 16oz bottle is inexpensive too. It works really well. Give that a try. Save your flip cap bottle and just put the other kind in there.

  2. I'm a lover of good ol' pure acetone. I don't have time to fight with polish remover either, and $2.50 for 16oz bottle is a price that can't be beat! After my manicure dries, I just replace moisture with Cuticle oil. I use a mango one from Sally's.



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