Sunday, May 17, 2009

Storage System...sort of

For my birthday my parents gave me money to buy one of those plastic drawer storage sets. I was all too happy to run to Wal-Mart that I jumped in the car the minute they told me. Except that it hadn't been transferred to my bank yet. Ooops.

So the next day, Friday my actual birthday, I went to Target and got it for cheaper than I expected. It was about 13 dollars. However, I still need some kind of way to organize my polishes within the actual drawers. For now it goes a little something like this:

1st drawer: Base coats, Top coats, nail files, buffers, cuticle oil, fingernail clippers, nail polish remover, nail art stickers, Stripe Rite polishes.

2nd: Nail polish. I tried to organize it by color but they all slide around so this is a work in a progress.

3rd: Okay I kind of cheated with this drawer, but its my jewelry. I'm tired of finding it all around my room or not finding it when I need/want to wear it.

So, I feel a lot better about my storage and my room thanks me for less clutter.


  1. You'll have to look around Walmart for some smaller containers to fit inside. I bought one of those and put all my polish in it. The wheels snapped off and I couldn't move it. So I had to return it.

  2. I'm in the process of reorganizing my polishes as well. I'll post when I'm finally done. I hopefully my little plan works out.

  3. Lucy: the wheels snapped off? Wow...i would have taken it back too. I'll take anything back to wal mart that Im not happy with. lol

    PBG:I hope your plan works too, I mean polish everywhere can be no bueno



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