Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zoya Valentine

This shade feels like Christmas on my nails. Something about the shimmer and maybe the fact that I don't like red polish. Anyway, it just has a holiday feel. Zoya's website describes this as a romantic bright red metallic with duochrome pink shimmer. I cant just wear a plain red mani; so here is the before picture, 2 coats and no topcoat:

Indoor + Flash

I'm loving my silver Stripe Rite polish, but the pink one not so much. I don't like the way it dries but that's another story. So just to spice up my nails, I added a...well I don't know what to call it, but there's some silver swooshy things in the right corner of my nails. It helped me to feel better about the red. This is with Zoya Armor topcoat.

Both pictures are Indoor + Flash
Pre-cleanup nails. I like the end result but I don't think they will be staying long.


  1. The finish on this one is hot!

  2. That red looks good on you. I think you could wear it all year 'round, because it looks both strong and professional on you.

  3. B: Thanks!

    Dee: Red looks strong and professional on me...hmm, never heard that :-)
    Thanks! lol

  4. A fantastic look. Red is a color that is sexy and also can look professional. Depends what your wearing and what your situation is. Looks really good on you. Like the silver swooshes. I have gold swooshes this week.

  5. Thanks Lucy!
    I'm laughing at swooshes, lol, I dont know what else to call them.



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