Monday, May 4, 2009

Zoya Richelle

Indoor + Flash

Indoor + No Flash

I like the name of this polish, it's close to my name. :-) However, I hardly ever wear this polish. I think this is the 2nd time ever. I got it during the Zoya polish exchange and I did my research on it too. If you call research looking up swatches on other nail blogs...
Unfortunately my "research" could not stop my disappointment.

Zoya calls this a "metallic royal gold with gilded sparkle highlights and a foil finish." Wow, that sound gorgeous. Whoever writes these descriptions is good. Great polish in the bottle but somehow it gets lost in translation on the nail. I don't think it looks good on me. With the flash, it sparkles and its beautiful but without flash it kind of looks weird against my skin tone. Like a golden-olive color?

The formula is a dream though. Very opaque and glides across the nail like butter. This is two coats + Zoya's Armor topcoat.



  1. The first thing I thought when I saw your pix is "gee it really looks good on her!" I have worn it once, and it looks terrible on me. I am very light and fair. I think it is a strong color, too strong for me. I have problems wearing golds I think. Looks great on you, though. Perhaps you were just expecting something different? I think you look quite fashionable in it.

  2. I think it's nice with your skin tone! Also, I like the shorter nail on you :)

  3. Dee: Thanks! I didnt even think it looked good on me. I only saw swatches on light skin so I didnt know how it would look on me. It is a strong color and I didnt think it would be quite so...gold?

    Bella: Thank you! I thought I wouldnt like my shorter nails but I do. I had to cut them, they were splitting :-(

  4. I too got this color and after all the great things I heard on the other blogs was excited to get this one. When I got it though, I went through the same disapointment as you. I much prefer Lippman's Neffertiti gold. It is hands down the best gold I have ever worn!

  5. This is great color on you. I think I have one similar. I have yet to add any Zoya's to my collection. I guess I'd better get it together. lol!

  6. Funny you saying you didn't like the color on you. As I was scrolling down I thought how pretty this looks with your skintone. I'm not the only one who thinks it looks pretty on you.

  7. Brooke: I have yet to add a Lippman to my collection, however golds are pretty low on my lemming list since I had bad results with this one. I will keep the advice in mind whe I'm ready to purchase another gold.

    PBG: Zoyas are amazing! Get some! :-)

    Lucy: Thanks, maybe I'm being too hard on this gold polish?



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