Friday, May 1, 2009

Orly Passion Fruit (Revisited)

Outdoor + No Flash

Indoor + No Flash

(Just a foreword, I'm revisiting my Orly Passion Fruit post because it deserves better quality pictures...I first mentioned this in OPI My Private Jet post)
Oh, Orly Passion Fruit, how you tricked me. I picked this up at Sallys Beauty Supply when they were having a BOGO (buy one get one free) on Orly nail polishes and I was having a really hard time picking my free polish. Is it just my Sallys, or is there not a good collection of ORLY's in store versus online? Well having said that, I stood at the display for at least 30 minutes searching for something worth my time. I spotted Passion Fruit and was convinced it was the one for me. Hot pink? You don't have to say another word, I'll take it.

However, this polish looks ORANGE on me. (I know it photographs kind of pink) In the store, it looked like a dangerously loud pink and I couldn't wait to blind people with my hot pink nails. That is not that case. This polish is also not as opaque as I thought it would be...I can still see my nail lines with 3 coats. The bright side to this is that I found out that Orly topcoat + matte neon polish is just about one of the glossiest manicures I've ever had. I like their bottle design though, the rubber grip on the brush comes in handy. Plus, it dried very quickly....so I guess I came out even.

Does anyone else have Orly Passion Fruit and it looks orange on them?

Happy Friday!


  1. What a fabulous summer color. I am lovin' this one!

  2. It's not just your Sally's...I've been to all four Sally's locally and none of them have great Orly selection.

  3. It doesn't look orange in the pictures. Must be only in person. I also love the bottle cap. I wish all polishes came like that. Every once in awhile the bottle cap slips out of my fingers.

  4. The Asian Girl: Sally's needs to step thier nail polish game up!

    Lucy: I do wish all polishes had the lovely grip handles like Orly...

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